Life Groups

Fall, Winter, Summer

(10-12 Weeks Per Semester)

Acts 2:42-47 paints a clear picture into the lives of the believers of the 1st century church. They met together in homes regularly for fellowship; they broke bread and cared for one another, and studied the Scriptures and prayed together. As a result, they grew in their faith and in number…daily!

Winter - Summer - Fall

Children - Teens - Young Adults 

Adults - Senior Adults

With a mission of Growing in Christ in the security of a small group, these weekly gatherings are designed to facilitate growth in a casual and informal setting of a small group. Once a week, a small group of individuals (8-12) gather for a time fo fellowship and growth.  Groups typically meet for 90 minutes for approximately 11-12 weeks. You can sign up for a group during 4 weeks leading up to the semester.  For example, to attend the winter groups, you'll need to sign up in December.

Parents, BRING YOUR KIDS & TEENS! Yup, we've thought of that! You can rest assured knowing that your kids will be enjoying themselves under the leadership of the Levittown KiDZ staff for a great fun-filled evening.  Make the time, it'll be worth the effort.

Our groups work just like semesters:

  • Fall (September - November)

  • Winter (January - March)

  • Summer (May - July)

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