Kickoff 101: A New Adventure!

Are you a new follower of Jesus? Please join us for an 12 week class on how to grow in your relationship with Jesus! This class will meet on Sundays between the morning services from 11am - 11:30am. Please send us an email so that we can get you started! Jesus desires to see you grow and thrive. Learn how!

Mid-Field 201: Go Deeper, Grow Higher!

To keep growing in your faith, it is important to connect with God's family! Join us for the "Mid-Week Bible Study And Family Gathering!" An evening of fun and learning for the whole family. There will be an engaging Bible study for the adults, practical discussion group for teens as well as fun and learning for younger children that will challenge you to grow in your relationship with God and each other. Apart from this gathering, for adults, there will be "Baptism Classes" and "Partnership Classes" offered a few times a year where you are encouraged to learn more about identifying with Jesus' death through baptism and get rooted in the church!

Red-Zone 301: Know Your Call, Learn to Serve!

After being rooted as a partner in the church, we encourage you to discover exactly how Jesus desires to use you for His kingdom here on earth! Fill out your "Engagement Card," learn of your abilities and start using your gifts and talents and make an impact for eternity. You'll find your heart leaping with joye as you serve to fulfill your life's purpose!

End-Zone 401: Become a Leader, Influence Others!

After discovering your gifts and operating in them, we encourage you to take the next step and become a servant-leader! The church has many opportunities for you to go through training; The first step is called, "CAMS" - Calling and Ministry Studies. You'll journey with others who desire to be a laborer for Jesus for 9-12 months and receive your credentials in the Church of God.

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