Pursuing God in Selfies

By Pat Witman

Do you take selfies? I do, or at least I try to. I’m not very good at them. But I love it when my daughter and I take selfies together. She has the knack of getting the proper angle. It probably helps that she is several inches taller than I am and has longer arms. Even better, she always seems to capture the joy of the moment. Last night, I was thinking about pursuing God. How does one do that? Well, if God were physically present, the way Jesus was with the disciples, one way might be to take selfies together, to capture the moment. And then I started to think about how God is reflected all around me. So here are the kind of selfies I am looking to take:

1. Me in the world -- With a sunrise or a sunset or the beach (especially the beach) behind me. God’s handiwork is painted across the sky each morning and evening for us to see. Even the storm clouds paint a picture of God’s power and might. And the beach….well the beach brings God close to me in a way nowhere else does: the sparkling ocean, the soothing sound of the waves, the gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun on my skin. This is where I can truly feel the touch of God.

2. Me with nature -- The trees, the flowers, the animals. All of them created by God to be unique, just as I was created to be unique. Take a picture with two different roses and you have two different pictures. And yet each reflects God’s wisdom and attention to the smallest detail. A reminder that He cares and is attentive to the smallest detail of my life.

3. Me with other people – Of course, every selfie taken with a friend is a picture with God as we are all made in His image. But even more so, the pictures taken with strangers, with those in need, with those who are very different from me, because within those unfamiliar faces, I will see facets of God that I cannot necessarily see in my everyday life.

4. Me -- Just me I don’t really like taking pictures of me. However, it is time that I look at myself differently. Not with what I see through my human eyes, but with what God sees through His eternal ones. After all, He is here, right next to me. if I could see Him, He would not be staring at my flaws or shaking His head at my mistakes. He would be exclaiming over my strengths and focusing on my possibilities.

Maybe what keeps me from pursuing God, from taking those selfies, is that I don’t think I belong in the picture: not pretty enough, not wise enough, not kind enough, not good enough. Maybe I fear that if I pursued God, he would turn me away or turn away from me. Because I only see myself as the world sees me, not as God does. A friend of mine posted today, “When God looks at you in the mirror, He never wishes He was seeing someone else in it.” A lovely thought to hold onto as I continue to pursue God.

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